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The best way to Re-Purpose Ceremony Flowers

I love helping my couples re-purpose ceremony flowers. Your ceremony is the big event, it sets the scene for your love story and this moment of your day is heavily featured in all your photos, so go big and get the best value for money out of ceremony flowers by re-using them at your reception. It's a great way to save money and the environment!


Here's my top 4 best Ceremony Re-Purposes!

  1. Arbor Flowers- Depending on the style of your arbor these make beautiful photo booths or bridal table backdrops at your reception. They are instantly photo ready and that extra wow factor. Arbor flowers can be easily detached from the arbor and re-purposed around the reception along the bridal table which add extra floral wow during photos, speeches etc. I have even re used these on speech lecterns, cake tables and so on.


2. Aisle Decoration- Place your aisle flowers in little jars/ vases and hang them from each chair along the aisle. After the ceremony we remove the hanger and BAM! instant bar table décor.

Larger floor arrangements can be used in the centre of tables as flower clouds.


3. Ceremony Entry Arrangements- These clouds bring that luxe look to your ceremony and make beautiful table ends, decorations at the reception entry or pop at the base of your bridal table.


4. Signing Table Arrangement- This arrangement can be as big or small as you like, larger signing table décor makes beautiful bridal table decoration or small vases look beautiful on a bar or repurposed on the gift table.


Bonus Idea- Purchase vases so that you can re-use your bridal party flowers as additional decoration. The bouquets look beautiful scattered around the venue and bring your colour theme back through the space! Alternatively they can look lovely scattered along the front of your bridal table with candles and bud vases. HAPPY PLANNING LOVERS Courtney x

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